Campaign Donations

(Not this city)
year ward candidate donor amount address city postal date type pin
20100Cullen, AlexBinette, B.$200.00104 Pooler Ave.OttawaK2B5A5Individual over $100
20100Cullen, AlexChartrand, D.$200.00934 Elmsmere Rd.OttawaK1J7M3Individual over $100
20100Cullen, AlexConger, S.$200.0016 Saddlehorn Cr.OttawaK3M1X3Individual over $100
20100Cullen, AlexDobell, J.$200.00145 Lakeway Dr.OttawaK1L5A9Individual over $100
20100Cullen, AlexEarle, M$300.0021 Kempster Ave.OttawaK2B6L9Individual over $100
20100Cullen, AlexGarvey, S.$500.0018 Denham WayOttawaK2S1H6Individual over $100
20100Cullen, AlexHay, E$150.0060 Carlyle Ave.OttawaK1S4Y4Individual over $100
20100Cullen, AlexHolmes, D.$200.00#411, 10 The DrivewayOttawaK2P1C7Individual over $100
20100Cullen, AlexJensen, J.$300.0040 Renfrew Ave.OttawaK1S1Z5Individual over $100
20100Cullen, AlexJensen, M$300.0040 Renfrew Ave.OttawaK1S1Z5Individual over $100
20100Cullen, AlexKent, O.$150.0014 Melgund Ave.OttawaK1S2S2Individual over $100
20100Cullen, AlexKoehler, M.$200.00649 Tweedsmuir Ave.OttawaK1Z5P7Individual over $100
20100Cullen, AlexLaffin, N.$200.009 Thornton Ave.OttawaK1S2R8Individual over $100
20100Cullen, AlexLeo, M.$250.0056 Mutchmore Rd.OttawaK1S1L8Individual over $100
20100Cullen, AlexLupien, C.$500.002 Abingdon Dr.OttawaK2H7M3Individual over $100
20100Cullen, AlexMadeley, D.$200.00104 Pooler Ave.OttawaK2B5A5Individual over $100
20100Cullen, AlexPatterson, J.$300.00123 Four Seasons Dr.OttawaK27R1Individual over $100
20100Cullen, AlexPursey, S$200.00353 Roosevelt AveOttawaK2A1Y9Individual over $100
20100Cullen, AlexRiding, S.$150.00468 Newman Ave.OttawaK1K1N9Individual over $100
20100Cullen, AlexSpencer, M.$150.00#304, 318 Lorry Greenberg Dr.OttawaK1R6M9Individual over $100
20100Cullen, AlexStreibl, I.$750.00300 Queen Elizabeth Dr.OttawaK1S3M6Individual over $100
20100Cullen, AlexStutt, T$250.00964 Arkell StOttawaK2B5R3Individual over $100
20100Cullen, AlexTite, M.$200.009 Thornton Ave.OttawaK1S2R8Individual over $100
20100Cullen, AlexWright, J.$750.00300 Queen Elizabeth Dr.OttawaK1S3M6Individual over $100
20100Cullen, AlexTotal from each single contributor totalling $100 or less$2,055.00OttawaIndividuals $100 or less
Total Amount$8,855.00
Total from Individual over $100$6,800.00 (77%)
Total from Individuals $100 or less$2,055.00 (23%) Minimum of 21 additional donors, assuming each contributed $100.
The actual number of donors in this class is likely much higher.
It's probable the average donation ranged between $20 and $100.
Total Donations25Does not include the number of donations of $100 or less, if any.
Total Candidates1