Campaign Donations

(Not this city)
year ward candidate donor amount address city postal date type pin
20100Pioro, StanleyWhite, Wayne$100.0061 Martin St.RichmondK0A?Z?Individual over $100
20100Pioro, StanleyTotal from each single contributor totalling $100 or less$100.00OttawaIndividuals $100 or less
Total Amount$200.00
Total from Individual over $100$100.00 (50%)
Total from Individuals $100 or less$100.00 (50%) Minimum of 1 additional donors, assuming each contributed $100.
The actual number of donors in this class is likely much higher.
It's probable the average donation ranged between $20 and $100.
Total Donations2Does not include the number of donations of $100 or less, if any.
Total Candidates1