Campaign Donations

(Not this city)
year ward candidate donor amount address city postal date type pin
20146Qadri, ShadBradley's Insurance$500.001456 STITTSVILLE MAIN ST, box 1234OttawaK2S1B3Corporate/Union
20146Qadri, ShadNavigator Communications$720.001 Stowgrass CrOttawaK2S1Z9Corporate/Union
20146Qadri, ShadOttawa Senator Hockey Club Capital Sports and Entertainment Inc$300.001000 Palladium DrOttawaK2B1A5Corporate/Union
20146Qadri, ShadStretch, Ricky$700.00207 MISTRAL WAY OttawaK2S0G6Corporate/Union
20146Qadri, ShadAkgun, Metin$110.0024 HESSE CRES OttawaK2S1E4Individual over $100
20146Qadri, ShadAli, Naheed$300.0039 Dewbourne AveRichmond HillL4B3G9Individual over $100
20146Qadri, ShadBeaten, Michael Wayne$310.0017 Wintergreen DrOttawaK2S1E5Individual over $100
20146Qadri, ShadBeauchamp, Cindy$226.004 ELM ST OttawaK2S1S8Individual over $100
20146Qadri, ShadBelle, Debra$160.00114 Cobden RoadOttawaK2C1Z3Individual over $100
20146Qadri, ShadChappell, Kevin$250.00174 TALLTREE CRES OttawaK2S0B1Individual over $100
20146Qadri, ShadCurry, Anne$200.0029 FOREST CREEK DR OttawaK2S1P9Individual over $100
20146Qadri, ShadDavidson, WIlliam$200.003574 TIMMINS RD, RR4PakenhamK0A2X0Individual over $100
20146Qadri, ShadDuffey, Denise$110.0014 Grand Harbour CourtOttawaK2S1H2Individual over $100
20146Qadri, ShadEastwood, John$250.0051 WILDERNESS WAY OttawaK2S2E3Individual over $100
20146Qadri, ShadFairbrother, David$210.00110 LANIGAN CRES OttawaK2S0S1Individual over $100
20146Qadri, ShadGranda, John$250.0017 Havenwood TrailOttawaK2S1C9Individual over $100
20146Qadri, ShadGrass, Russell$250.00305-575 Byron AveOttawaK2A1R7Individual over $100
20146Qadri, ShadHutchings, Helene$200.0016 CARLISLE CIR OttawaK0A1B0Individual over $100
20146Qadri, ShadIlkiw, Jo-Anne$200.0045 NORWAY SPRUCE ST OttawaK2S1P5Individual over $100
20146Qadri, ShadLaplante, Timothy$200.0022 Pine Needles CourtOttawaK2S1G5Individual over $100
20146Qadri, ShadLeask, Jim$210.008 CARBERY DR OttawaK2S1E3Individual over $100
20146Qadri, ShadLeblanc, Janice$110.0032 KYLE AVE OttawaK2S1G9Individual over $100
20146Qadri, ShadLeduc, Debra$175.007 GROUSE AVE OttawaK2J1R2Individual over $100
20146Qadri, ShadLeeder, Cyril$510.00180 Ironstone CrtOttawaK2S0L4Individual over $100
20146Qadri, ShadMcCrimmon, Robert$310.003452 DUNROBIN RD WoodlawnK0A3M0Individual over $100
20146Qadri, ShadMcKenna, Jo-Ann$300.001250 STITTSVILLE MAIN ST OttawaK2S1S9Individual over $100
20146Qadri, ShadPaulin, Shane$500.0034 TYRRELL PL OttawaK2H1E8Individual over $100
20146Qadri, ShadSinghal, Angela$500.00258 Second AveOttawaK2S2H9Individual over $100
20146Qadri, ShadSinghal, Manju$500.00572 MANOR AVE OttawaK1M0J7Individual over $100
20146Qadri, ShadSinghal, Monica$500.00266 Second StreetOttawaK1S2H9Individual over $100
20146Qadri, ShadSpratt, Carol Ann$200.0062 AMBERLAKES DR OttawaK2S2A2Individual over $100
20146Qadri, ShadSweetnam, John$150.008 SWEETNAM DR OttawaK2S1G2Individual over $100
20146Qadri, ShadWebley, Ross$200.002 HOBIN ST OttawaK2S1C3Individual over $100
20146Qadri, ShadWebley, Timothy$160.0033 CROSSING BRIDGE CRT OttawaK2S1S2Individual over $100
20146Qadri, ShadIndividuals Not Exceeding $100$2,841.00OttawaIndividuals $100 or less
Total Amount$12,812.00
Total from Corporate/Union$2,220.00 (17%)
Total from Individual over $100$7,751.00 (60%)
Total from Individuals $100 or less$2,841.00 (22%) Minimum of 28 additional donors, assuming each contributed $100.
The actual number of donors in this class is likely much higher.
It's probable the average donation ranged between $20 and $100.
Total Donations35Does not include the number of donations of $100 or less, if any.
Total Candidates1