Campaign Donations

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year ward candidate donor amount address city postal date type pin
201023Favreau, MarcBruce Linton (Clearford Industries)$500.00515 Legget Dr. Suite 100OttawaK2K3G4Corporate/Union
201023Favreau, MarcMurthy, Sundara & Suseela$150.0010 Shamrock Pl.OttawaK2R1A9Corporate/Union
201023Favreau, MarcCasey, Patrick$100.00168 Waverley St. Unit 211OttawaK2P0V6Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcColton, James$100.003095 Breezy Heights Rd.KinburnK0A2H0Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcDianne Lee$100.0017 Steeple Chase Dr.OttawaK2M2J7Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcDon Noors$300.008 Java St. OttawaK1Y3L3Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcDouglas Wood$300.00103 Wilbert Cox Dr. RR#3OttawaK0A1L0Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcElias El-Chantiry$200.0039 Allenby RoadOttawaK2K2J9Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcFavreau, Carol$200.0037 Reaney Crt.OttawaK2K1W7Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcFavreau, Claude$200.0037 Reaney Crt.OttawaK2K1W7Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcFerguson, Robert$100.00154 Haliburton Rd.LondonN6K2Z3Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcFerguson, Robert$150.00154 Haliburton Rd.LondonN6K2Z3Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcFindlay, Graham$150.003808 Armitage St.DunrobinK0A1T0Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcGilles Lamarre$750.005 Redfox Pl.OttawaK2M1C8Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcGourlay, David$150.001422 Wellington St. West Suite 207OttawaK1Y0X7Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcJames Mills$100.00589 Island Park Cr.OttawaK1Y3P3Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcKaren Whiteside$100.0054 Lone Meadow TrailOttawaK2S1E1Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcKlunder, Brian$100.001328 Ave. POttawaK1G0B3Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcLahey, Justin$100.0023 Gamma CrtOttawaK2J3W9Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcLarry Manson$100.00258 Brown Road RR#3 Smiths FallsK7A4S4Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcLascelle, Todd$100.0029 Banting WayOttawaK2K1P7Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcLaurette McIlhargey$150.00779 Homeview RoadLondonN6C5N8Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcLee, Bobby$100.0017 Steeple Chase DrOttawaK2M2J7Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcLeffler, Johanna$150.00495 Mansfield Ave.OttawaK2A2S8Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcLisa Stilborn$250.0071 Somerset St. West Suite 301OttawaK2P2G2Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcLisa Stillborn$500.0071 Somerset St. West, Suite 201OttawaK2P2G2Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcManuel Arango$100.00168 Gladstone AvenueOttawaK2P0Y3Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcMarc Thomson$100.00105 Shepody CircleOttawaK1T4H9Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcMcCrimmon, Robert$200.001110 Bayview DrWoodlawnK0A3M0Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcMcHenry, Joanne$200.005035 Hartwood Ave.BeamsvilleL0R1B5Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcMcIlhargey, Daniel$200.0058 Nicholas Cr.LondonN6E2E9Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcOlney, Marie$100.0067 Aird Pl.OttawaK2L4C9Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcProctor, natalie$100.001564 Landel Dr.OttawaK2W1C6Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcQuinlan, Andrew$200.00181 Holmwood Ave. Apt 2OttawaK1S2P3Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcQuinn Public Affairs$500.00215 Strathcona Ave. Suite 1OttawaK1S1X7Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcRobert McCrimmon$100.003890 Revelstoke DrOttawaK1V7C5Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcRoss Talarico$250.002161 Rice Ave.OttawaK2A0C5Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcSam Khatib$400.00700 March RoadOttawaK2K2V9Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcSchroder, Anne$200.0044 Gilchrist AveOttawaK1Y0M6Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcSchumann, Steven$100.0061 Pittaway Ave.OttawaK1G4P1Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcScott, Isabelle$100.00119 Trail Side CircleOttawaK4A5B3Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcService, Hannah$500.00187 Banning Rd.OttawaK2L1C5Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcSpataro, Sam$100.007 Berton Pl.OttawaK2L3R7Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcWeber, George$150.00268 First Ave. Suite 3B OttawaK1S2G8Individual over $100
201023Favreau, MarcTotal from each single contributor totalling $100 or less$350.00OttawaIndividuals $100 or less
Total Amount$9,150.00
Total from Corporate/Union$650.00 (7%)
Total from Individual over $100$8,150.00 (89%)
Total from Individuals $100 or less$350.00 (4%) Minimum of 4 additional donors, assuming each contributed $100.
The actual number of donors in this class is likely much higher.
It's probable the average donation ranged between $20 and $100.
Total Donations45Does not include the number of donations of $100 or less, if any.
Total Candidates1