Campaign Donations

(Not this city)
year ward candidate donor amount address city postal date type pin
20142Dudas, LauraAndrew Leslie 01 Inc$75.0020 Juliana Rd.OttawaK1M1K3Corporate/Union
20142Dudas, LauraMinto Group Inc.$100.00200-180 Kent StreetOttawaK1P0B6Corporate/Union
20142Dudas, LauraOntario Public Service Employees Union$238.00100 Lesmill RoadOttawaM3B3P8Corporate/Union
20142Dudas, LauraOrleans Meyers Chev-Buick-Olds$500.001875 St. JosephOttawaK1C7J2Corporate/Union
20142Dudas, LauraRichcraft Homes Ltd$500.002280 St. Laurent Blvd Unit 201OttawaK1G4K1Corporate/Union
20142Dudas, LauraValecraft Homes$250.00210-1455 Youville Dr.OttawaK1C6Z7Corporate/Union
20142Dudas, LauraBaker, Evan$506.0023 Northpark DrOttawaK1B3R7Individual over $100
20142Dudas, LauraBlois, William$100.0062 Northpark DrOttawaK1B3R8Individual over $100
20142Dudas, LauraCampaign Brain Satinder Sahota$468.23157-283 Danforth AvenueTorontoM4K1N2Individual over $100
20142Dudas, LauraCharlebois, Diane and Bernard$200.004 Butternut CourtOttawaK1B4T6Individual over $100
20142Dudas, LauraCumming, Christine$100.0017 Northpark DrOttawaK1B3R7Individual over $100
20142Dudas, LauraCumming, Kenneth$100.0017 Northpark Dr.OttawaK1B3R7Individual over $100
20142Dudas, LauraCzekaj, Richard and Linda$500.00512 Fallview CourtKitchenerN2C2T8Individual over $100
20142Dudas, LauraFurlan, Dan$500.00117 David DrOttawaK2G2N6Individual over $100
20142Dudas, LauraHonywill, Bradley$200.0030 Stadium Road, Unit 268TorontoM5V3P4Individual over $100
20142Dudas, LauraLinesman, Judy$200.0050 Northpark DrOttawaK1B3R8Individual over $100
20142Dudas, LauraMacGillivray, Lisa A.$200.0023 Northpark DrOttawaK1B3R7Individual over $100
20142Dudas, LauraMacGillivray, Lisa A.$301.1823 Northpark Dr.OttawaK1B3R7Individual over $100
20142Dudas, LauraMogensen, Susan$500.001010 Bosque CresOttawaK4C1C3Individual over $100
20142Dudas, LauraRosenquist, Paula$100.0079 Bearbrook Rd.OttawaK1B3H5Individual over $100
20142Dudas, LauraRoss, Alan$100.006 Centrepark DrOttawaK1B3C1Individual over $100
20142Dudas, LauraRoss, Jane$100.006 Centerpark Dr.OttawaK1B3C1Individual over $100
20142Dudas, LauraRosseau, Helen$100.0027 southpark Dr.OttawaK1B3R7Individual over $100
20142Dudas, LauraRowe, R Mitchell$250.00100-237 Argyle AveOttawaK2P1B8Individual over $100
20142Dudas, LauraScott, Tom$100.0027 southpark Dr.OttawaK1B3R7Individual over $100
20142Dudas, LauraTaggart, Victoria$750.00128-300 Queen Elizabeth DriveOttawaK1S3M6Individual over $100
20142Dudas, LauraTaylor, Sharon$99.25329-100 Gloucester St.OttawaK2P0A4Individual over $100
20142Dudas, LauraTeoles, Pasquale$200.006427 Viseneau Dr.OttawaK1C5H8Individual over $100
20142Dudas, LauraWawryn, Allison$100.0015 Northpark DrOttawaK1B3R7Individual over $100
20142Dudas, LauraYemm, Kevin$500.00266 Second AveOttawaK1S2H9Individual over $100
20142Dudas, LauraIndividuals Not Exceeding $100$1,379.25OttawaIndividuals $100 or less
Total Amount$9,316.91
Total from Corporate/Union$1,663.00 (18%)
Total from Individual over $100$6,274.66 (67%)
Total from Individuals $100 or less$1,379.25 (15%) Minimum of 14 additional donors, assuming each contributed $100.
The actual number of donors in this class is likely much higher.
It's probable the average donation ranged between $20 and $100.
Total Donations31Does not include the number of donations of $100 or less, if any.
Total Candidates1