Campaign Donations

(Not this city)
year ward candidate donor amount address city postal date type pin
20145Mark, Jonathan964272 Ontario Inc$750.00150-16 FitzgeraldOttawaK2H8R6Corporate/Union
20145Mark, JonathanBill Hamm Enterprises Ltd$500.00PO Box 14KinburnK0A2H0Corporate/Union
20145Mark, JonathanC & M Electric Ltd$500.003038 Carp RoadOttawaK0A1L0Corporate/Union
20145Mark, JonathanHoward & Associates Inc$250.0012 Ross Ave Suite 1OttawaK1Y0N3Corporate/Union
20145Mark, JonathanKeith A Maclaren Professional Corp$500.00268 RiverwoodWoodlawnK0A3M0Corporate/Union
20145Mark, JonathanMalwood Aggregate Ltd$750.002335 Dunrobin RoadOttawaK0A1T0Corporate/Union
20145Mark, JonathanBroschuk, Timothy$250.0021 Wheatland RdKanataK2M2L2Individual over $100
20145Mark, JonathanCampbell, Janne$125.003502 Torbolton Ridge RoadWoodlawnK0A3M0Individual over $100
20145Mark, JonathanCraig, Joan$200.003764 John Shaw RdKinburnK0A2H0Individual over $100
20145Mark, JonathanDekok, Jack$200.001070 March Rd.OttawaK2K1X7Individual over $100
20145Mark, JonathanDicks, Sue$132.565499 Torbolton Ridge RdOttawaK0A3M0Individual over $100
20145Mark, JonathanDolan, Shirley$250.004649 Stonecrest RdWoodlawnK0A3M0Individual over $100
20145Mark, JonathanDolan, Shirley$500.004649 Stonecrest RoWoodlawnK0A3M0Individual over $100
20145Mark, JonathanJardine, Ben$500.001969 Galetta RoadOttawaK0A1X0Individual over $100
20145Mark, JonathanJardine, Tracey$500.001969 Galetta Side Rd.Fitzroy HarbourK0A1X0Individual over $100
20145Mark, JonathanJohnston, Wally$200.003109 Vaughan Side Rd.CarpK0A1L0Individual over $100
20145Mark, JonathanLugg, Michelle$101.31179 Constance Bay RdWoodlawnK0A3M0Individual over $100
20145Mark, JonathanMacDougall, Daryl$750.00179 Constance Bay RdOttawaK0A3M0Individual over $100
20145Mark, JonathanMacDougall, Nadine$172.84179 Constance Bay RdWoodlawnK0A3M0Individual over $100
20145Mark, JonathanMaheral, Glen T$200.00900 Bayview RdOttawaK0A3M0Individual over $100
20145Mark, JonathanMclean, Janice$500.005088 Opeongo RoadWoodlawnK0A3M0Individual over $100
20145Mark, JonathanMuldoon, Adele$300.002979 Dunrobin RdDunrobinK0A1T0Individual over $100
20145Mark, JonathanMullen, Darlene$200.004996 Stonecrest RdWoodlawnK0A3M0Individual over $100
20145Mark, JonathanMurphy, Joan$200.004732 Newtown Road RR1OttawaK0A1X0Individual over $100
20145Mark, JonathanOwens, Wallace$125.003864 Upper Dwyer Hilll RdKinburnK0A2H0Individual over $100
20145Mark, JonathanPregel, Peter J.$750.002039 Old Carp RoadOttawaK0A1L0Individual over $100
20145Mark, JonathanSmith, Gail$500.001967 Galetta Side RoadOttawaK0A1X0Individual over $100
20145Mark, JonathanTromanhauser, Liana$200.003494 Baskin BeachOttawaK0A1T0Individual over $100
20145Mark, JonathanTuepah, Terry$150.002380 Dunrobin Rd.DunrobinK0A1T0Individual over $100
20145Mark, JonathanWilson, Donna$250.004182 Woodkilton RoadOttawaK0A3M0Individual over $100
20145Mark, JonathanIndividuals Not Exceeding $100$2,732.98OttawaIndividuals $100 or less
Total Amount$13,239.69
Total from Corporate/Union$3,250.00 (25%)
Total from Individual over $100$7,256.71 (55%)
Total from Individuals $100 or less$2,732.98 (21%) Minimum of 27 additional donors, assuming each contributed $100.
The actual number of donors in this class is likely much higher.
It's probable the average donation ranged between $20 and $100.
Total Donations31Does not include the number of donations of $100 or less, if any.
Total Candidates1